Making candles is fun and relaxing. While it does give you the opportunity to be creative, there are some basic candle making steps you need to follow to make the process flow well. Nothing is more disappointing than discovering your candles didn’t form correctly. Safety is very important in candle making. Most people make candles in their own kitchen. You will want to have a fire extinguisher handy as well as a non slip mat placed in from of your stove. Always wear old clothing and long sleeves. However, make sure your sleeves don’t dangle where they can fall into the hot wax.

Since you will have to get the candle wax very hot to melt completely, there is the risk of severe burns. You also have the risk of starting a fire. It is important to clean up all spilled wax immediately. It won’t take long for it to harden, thus becoming very slippery. The dyes and scents used in candle making can leave stains.

The best way to set up your work area for candle making is to divide it into three specific work stations for preparation, the melting process, and the cooling process. The preparation area doesn’t need to be large, just a flat surface that is well organized. To make the process flow best, use a counter in close proximity to the stove. You will want to keep your utensils, thermometer, additives, and other candle making supplies in this area. It is a good idea to know what types of candles you will be making ahead of time so that you have all the necessary items ready to go.

Your melting work station will likely be the stove. You will need to use a double boiler to melt the wax to a temperature that is hot enough without scorching it. The molecular structure of the wax can be damaged if the direct heat to it is too much. This means your candles won’t form well or hold up well when they are used. Wax comes in sheets or blocks. You will need to chip off chunks to melt. A hammer and flat head screwdriver work well for this.

Chipping wax should be done in the preparation stage so that you can simply add more pieces throughout the melting process. You will want to weigh each piece of wax before you add it to the pot for melting. This will help you determine how much scent and dye to add, which is based on weight.

The cooling station needs to be a flat area such as a countertop or table. The wax needs to cool for several hours so this area needs to be able to withstand high temperatures as well as remain undisturbed for long periods of time. The area should not be directly in the path of sunlight or heating/cooling systems. If it is, the candles will not set properly. If you plan to use molds for your candles, have them set up in the cooling area while the wax is melting. Once it is done melting, you will need to pour it immediately into the molds. To prevent a mess from spills, use an old cookie sheet for the molds to rest on.

The candle making process will run smooth and efficient if you follow these tips for establishing three work stations. While the process should be fun, it is important that you understand the dangers of candle making including burns and fires. Taking the proper safety precautions will help ensure the creation of candles in your home is a great way to spend your time.


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11 Ways to Make Cool Candles and Soap! | Easy DIY Candle and Soap Art by Blossom


The history of candles is very long, archaeologists say the first candles appeared 5000 years ago (3000 BC) in Egypt and Crete. The first candles were made from animal (sheep and cattle) fat. The torch was another variant of candle used especially for lighting bigger places, torches were usually used outdoors because of the smoke they released. The first that introduced the wick in the history of candles were the Romans who used them in places of worship and for traveling at night.

What was the evolution in the history of candles during the ages?

The introduction of beeswax in the history of candles was in the Middle Ages, this wax was extremely expensive and only the rich could afford it, the new advantage that beeswax brought was that the candle burned very cleanly when compared to tallow candles. This new candles were preferred by the church that quickly adopted them and they are still used today.

When the first colonials settled in America they found by accident that boiling grayish green berries resulted in a kind of wax that is similar to beeswax and doesn’t smell when it burns. This new opportunity didn’t have the effect everyone hoped for because the process was very long and expensive, so this just remains as a step in the history of candles.

In the 18th century the walling industry brought another solution for candle makers, the spermaceti was used to obtain a wax that didn’t release any unpleasant smell when burned. The history of candles was seriously changed in the 19th century when the first machine that produced candles automatically appeared, in 1850 paraffin was discovered, it is a product obtain from petroleum residues.

Paraffin candles burned without any unpleasant smell and because of the fact they were also cheep, they eliminated all similar competition. The single problem with paraffin was the melting point that was harder to achieve, but using the stearic acid all the difficulties were easily passed over, so paraffin candles imposed on the market and occupied a leading position in the history of candles.

The end of candles?

Edison was the one who defeated their practical side and brought to an end the long history of candles; in 1879 he discovered the bulb and as a result candle making soon disappeared as a mass industry. At present candles are used as decorative objects or as part of the aromatherapy treatments, but their most important role remains in the Christian Churches where candles are present not as a light source but as a spiritual object.


Colonial candle making was essential in an era where there was no electricity and the cost of oil made it beyond the reach of common people. The most common colonial candles were made of animal fat or tallow, and only the rich benefited from beeswax candles, which smelt and burned better.

Colonial candle making registered a true progress when people discovered that they could make nice-smelling and clean-burning candles from bayberry shrubs. Wax is still extracted by boiling the bayberries, however the process is as time consuming as it used to be in the past.

The colonial way to candle making

Colonial candle making largely depended on whale oil, which was used as a primary matter. The cleanest, but more painstaking way to have the best colonial candles possible was to harvest berries from bayberries bushes. The only problem with this process was that you only got one pound of wax for every eight pounds of berries. Then it took manufacturers several days to prepare the berries in order to extract the purest form of wax to be used for quality candles. Remember that their whole point was to eliminate the bad smell of animal fat candles, not to mention the mess they made while burning.

For those of you who’d like to try colonial candle making at home as a way to satisfy your curiosity, there is bayberry wax available in shops, so that you don’t have to prepare it yourself. The big difference between modern times and the colonial era, is that we now have all sorts of molds to make wonderful candle shapes.

Colonial candles used strands of cotton as wicks that had to be taken care of in order to be kept burning. Usually candles made to be used for the household use were tapers. They were made by repeatedly introducing the wick in melted wax until it became candle sized.

Colonial candle making today Colonial candle making may appear rudimentary, but it takes quite a lot of skill and dedication. Many people try it as a hobby, and thereafter learn how rewarding it is. Basically you need to deep a non-waxed taper wick into melted wax. Extra care is needed, particularly since both parts of the wick need to be coated evenly. Don’t wait too long between dips, since the candle doesn’t have to cool completely. Furthermore keep stirring the wax so that you maintain the same temperature. You may even have to melt it again during the process. Enjoy it!



Candles are very cheap:

candles, wax, candlemaking

Article Body: Candles are very cheap: you can get hundreds of small candles in a bag for the price of a Happy Meal, and the bigger ones arent much more expensive. When its so easy to just buy your candles in a shop, why on earth would you want to make candles yourself?

Well, thats like asking why youd want to do a painting yourself when you could buy a print and put it in a frame. Candle making is an art, with often beautiful results, not to mention the fun time you can have while youre making the candles.

Candle making today belongs thoroughly in the arts and crafts category, which means that you can get all the equipment and waxes youll need from your local crafts shop.

To make a candle, all you really need to do is get some wax and melt it in a pan (you can even use wax from massproduced candles if you cant find any plain wax). Once the wax is melted, you can add dye if the wax isnt already coloured. Then just put the wick (the string that burns) into a mould, pour in the wax and leave it to set. Again, if you cant get a real candle mould, you can improvise with disposable household objects, such as half a milk carton or some other kind of bottle.

Of course, that basic method is just the beginning. Once youve got that down, you can start mixing different coloured waxes, and using more complicated moulds, and even adding things like glitter and other decoration. You can add small objects like shiny pebbles into the hot wax, or even cover larger objects in wax to make them into big candles. If you need more inspiration, the chances are that the craft shop (or the library) will have books about candle making, with more indepth ‘recipes that you can either follow directly or incorporate in your own designs.


We went thrifting and found wax and jars to make candles in and decided to do scented candles.

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In this video, I will show you my testing process to make container soy wax candles using the Golden Brand. Since there was an international shortage for the EcoSoya soy wax, I had to change my wax for this summer and when you change wax, testing is an absolute must!

After testing, I will show you a bit of my candle production as well and give you tips and tricks along the way!

I hope you are enjoying these Summer Shorts episodes! Let me know in the comment section and share my video with your candle making friends if you found this helpful!

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A relaxing ASMR soy candle making tutorial with essential oils. Simple, quick and fun to make. Triggers include crinkles, flakes, drips, bottles, soft speaking and more.
Nail polish is Berry Cosmo by Barry M with a layer of clear glitter polish called ‘Frost Yourself’ by Madam Glam.
With love from me XX Emma XX
A candle making course run by a viewer that you may be interested in!

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