Beauty, comfort, relaxation, all require the use of candles in a variety of kinds. Let’s take the case of KS classic candles, or Kansas classic candles; they are available at the producers where you can purchase them directly at a lower price. Or, you can choose your KS classic candles at the local decoration and gift shops that very often arrange for special candle decorations when you need it. By special occasions I mean: weddings, baptizing, birthdays and so on. Why go for…

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Beauty, comfort, relaxation, all require the use of candles in a variety of kinds. Let’s take the case of KS classic candles, or Kansas classic candles; they are available at the producers where you can purchase them directly at a lower price. Or, you can choose your KS classic candles at the local decoration and gift shops that very often arrange for special candle decorations when you need it. By special occasions I mean: weddings, baptizing, birthdays and so on. Why go for the classic candle type? That is part of personal choice, but very many people when using candles for ceremonial purposes go for the simplest as the most elegant.

Special decorations for KS classic candles

So you’ve got to organize a ceremony and you may be wondering do I need decorations for my KS classic candles? The answer entirely depends on the nature of the event and the type of KS classic candles you bought. Here are the best known and probably the most used kinds of classic candles you’ll find; candle shape and dimension largely vary given the diversity of purposes for which they are used. Ball, pillar, square or spiral, candles come in so many colors that you won’t have problems to find the ones you need.

Ceremony decorations for KS classic candles very much depend on the nature of the event you’re organizing. For baptizing, the godfathers are those that have to decorate the candles. The custom has it that classic candles be bought according to the gender of the baby: blue for boys and pink or red for girls. Or simple clear-white candles decorated with a red or blue ribbon would do.

However, for wedding ceremonials, spiral candles are among the favorites. The color and the decorations very much depend on the dominating colors used at the whole event. Very often, simple colored candles are used in flower decorations on the tables set for the wedding party.

Where to find KS classic candles?

Purchasing KS classic candles is very much within reach, regardless of your requirements. If the local store doesn’t have the kind of classic candles you need, don’t forget there is the Internet. There are plenty of KS classic candles manufacturers that have online candle catalogues for you to choose from.

There are special offers and delivery conditions you can settle together with the supplier or the producer, once you’ve made up your mind. Simplicity standards usually drive people towards the use of the most unadorned candles, to add a note of supplementary elegance to any ceremony.


The Prairie Candle Company has been a family owned business in operation for ten years. Located in the rural community of Springfield, Colorado, these jar candles are known in the area for being pretty, colorful, wonderful smelling, and long lasting. Prairie Candle Company takes pride in offering customers the best quality candle products. They use only top of the line wax and supplies for optimum results.

Prairie Candle Company was developed out of a person’s love for candles. However, they were disappointed that most candles lost their smell quickly or they didn’t burn evenly. Since they enjoyed candles so much, research was conducted to develop a product that doesn’t smoke, it burns evenly, and it burns to the bottom of the jar. This is what we know as the Prairie candle today.

The classic collection of Prairie candles come in 5 sises and 36 fragrances. Choose from 4.5 ounces, 10 ounces, 10.5 ounces, 16 ounces, or 26 ounces. The fragrances include some classics such as cinnamon and vanilla. There are some very original scents as well including cucumber melon and orange sherbet. Each Prairie candle in the classic collection comes with a glass lid. The colors of the candles are very pretty.

The all natural soy collection comes in 4 sises and 24 great fragrances. These candles come in a glass jar with a wooden top. Choose from a small, medium, large, or extra large sugar pot. Flavors like cinnabun and cinnamon cider will make your mouth water.

For the cowboy types out there, you will simply enjoy the red neck collection. These candles come in tin cans that look similar to cans of shoe polish. These six ounce tins are available in 16 fragrances with names like Grizzly Breath which is cinnamon and Possum Porridge which is spring fever. You will have fun with these great candle names and the silly picture on each one.

Cup and pail candles by the Prairie candle company are very unique looking. There are seven fragrances to choose from including cherry vanilla. The cup and pail are white in color and very rustic looking. These are great for gift giving or home decorating.

The 14 layered jar candles will make your sweet tooth kick into gear! These candles are available in 16 ounce jars. The fragrances include orange sherbet and cream as well as pralines and cream. Your friends and family may be disappointed as they approach your home, thinking they are about to be offered a delicious homemade treat!

Pillar candles are available from the Prairie Candle Company line in 6 sises and 6 fragrances. Cinfully vanilla sounds great! Choose from solid color pillars or multi colored ones. You really have to see pictures of these pillar candles to appreciate just how beautiful they are.

The Prairie candle line is an excellent way to make money for your school. Their fundraiser program is very generous. Your school will make a 50% profit on the sales. This will result in a lot more money raised than most fundraisers. Candles are also easier to sale than cakes or cookies. To make the process even easier, the Prairie Candle Company offers to provide you will all the paperwork. The items are delivered to your school already prepacked for each student, eliminating the time needed to sort most fundraiser items. Contact them for more information on the fundraising program.

If you are interested in earning extra money, consider becoming a wholesaler for the Prairie Candle Company. You will be provided with special candle display shelves to allocate your space better. Contact the company for further information on the wholesale process.

The Prairie Candle Company offers many great candle options for your home or for you to give for gifts. You will enjoy the many colors, styles, and fragrances of this candle line. They use the best candle making processes and supplies to ensure all the candles you purchase will not only look great but burn for hours on end. You can purchase Prairie candles from various retailers or at their online store.


Check out this stunning and satisfying compilation of beautiful hand-carved candles by DIMSI TV!

They’re too beautiful to burn, and the way they’re made is oddly satisfying to watch. When you look at the final results, it hard to believe that these are just paraffin candles’ they’re real masterpieces with intricate twisted ribbons, and carved weaves and patterns.

“DIMSI” is the name of both a candle factory and a team of creative craftsmen. They produce carved candles, equipment for their manufacture, and also organize masterclasses.

Creating a carved candle is an incredible and beautiful process! People doing this job definitely don’t feel stress after a working day 😉

In order to produce several multicolored layers in a candle, it’s placed in hot paraffin with dyes. After that, the masters start their work. The candle cools down very quickly, so in order to avoid the material hardening, the carving has to be done very quickly

Watch this awesome video and you’ll be impressed with the candle craftsmen’s skills!

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Want to make your home a little cozier this winter? Let’s make scented soy candles! If you make this project, share it on instagram with the hashtag #hollyhomebody so we can all see!

Here’s the info I mentioned about paraffin wax candles (scary!):


*These instructions and measurements will make one 8 oz. candle or two 4 oz. candles. Adjust the measurements based on how large your jars are and how many you’re making.

To make the candles I made, you’ll need:
– 2 4oz. jars (I used these amber ones):
– 2 wicks:
– 1 tablespoon fragrance oil or essential oil:
– 1.5 cups of soy wax:
– wax pouring pot:
– clothespins

Prepare your jars by placing the wick in the bottom center of the jar and securing in place by using a clothespin (as shown in the video). Alternatively, you can glue the wick to the bottom of the jar. Make a double boiler by placing a pouring pot over a larger pot filled with a few inches of water and put the wax into the pouring pot. Turn the heat to medium. Heat the wax until melted, and pour in the fragrance oil. Mix. (add more oil if you’d like!) Pour the wax into your jar(s). Let the wax cool completely (a few hours) and then trim the wicks. ENJOY!

Thanks for watching! If you’re new to my channel, 2019 is the year of homemaking. I’m challenging myself to learn new skills and create a happy home through the nostalgic art of homemaking. So if you’d like to come along on this journey and learn together, be sure you’re subscribed to my channel and click the bell to be notified every time I post. subscribe ▸

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When a loved-one or any special person celebrates a memorable day of his or her life, gifts would always be at the top list. Gifts may vary from the simple greeting cards to the most luxurious car. Does the cost matter? It does but it does not matter the most. As always said, it is the “thought” that counts.

Though for most people the tag price of your present may “tickle the spine”, it is beyond denial that a “personal” touch expresses more sincerity for the receiver. Your creativity plus a few tips from us would make that special person feel extra special because of your own custom gel candles.

1. Prepare the following materials:

* Ceramic containers like mugs or any fancy-shaped figurine that could hold the candle wax when melted and cooled. Glasses are also great. * Gel wax, * Candle wicks * Pencils * Pot (for melting wax) * Candle scent and color (non alcohol-base) * Sharp scissors 2. With the use of a pencil, twine the wick around it but leave some of the wick free that it could reach the bottom part of the candle container. It must be straight down the center of the container. 3. Put the pencil with the twined wick on top of the container; allow the wick to hang down the center of the container. As what the directions tell, melt the wax by cutting them into cubes first to hasten the melting. 4. Add color and scent but make sure that they will not make the wax cloudy. 5. After the melting, pour the gel wax into the container you have prepared. Fill the container but set a limit. Before getting to the next step, make sure that the wax turned gel fully cools down. 6. Check out the wick if it really takes the focal point of the container. 7. Trim the wick to 1/4 of its total length. 8. You could tie a ribbon around it or stick a piece of fancy paper with a special message or a mini-picture of the receiver. Give it with the purest sincerity. As you follow these quick and easy steps, you could unravel both the artist and entrepreneur in you. This way of preparing gifts would tickle your resourcefulness and creativity. Moreover, it may be an initiation of your new business specializing in candles. They are making it big on the market today.


Votive candles are simple, yet beautiful. These candles are often used to accent a centerpiece or design. Often it entails more than one votive candle, but not always. Votives are very cost effective because they burn for about fifteen hours. Votives must have a holder as they are not safe to use as a free standing candle.

Many individuals choose to use votive candles in their jack-o-lanterns at Halloween because they burn for a long time and illuminate the entire face of the jack-o-lantern. They are also one of the easiest types of candles to make. For beginners in the area of candle making votives provide a great learning experience to learn the basics of the candle making process.

To get started, you will need to gather your votive candle items. This includes wax, molds, a double boiler, and a thermometer. You will need to have wick and wick tabs for votive candles. The wick tabs serve as a base for the candle. You can choose to purchase dye and fragrance if you wish for your votive candles. To ensure your candles will form properly in the molds, consider investing in mold spray to keep them clean and lubricated.

Once the wax has melted, add in any colors and fragrances. Immediately pour the melted wax into the molds, filling them to the lip of the mold. For easy clean up, place old newspaper under the wax molds before you pour the wax into them. You will need to save about 20% of the melted wax for the next pouring process.

While the wax is cooling in the molds, prepare your wicks. Attack a wick several inches longer than the mold to a wick tab. Dip the wicks into the hot wax. Keep an eye on the votive molds as they won’t take as long to cool as other types of candles. Once you can tell the wax is starting to harden, insert a wick with the tab into each mold through the bottom. As the wax continues to cool, it will meld to the metal tab, ensuring it stays in place at the base of the candle. As the candles cool, make sure your wick is staying in the center of the votive.

Once the wax has completely cooled, you will notice a sink hole in it due to shrinkage. You will want to pour melted wax into the molds again to remedy this. Make the wax about fifteen degrees hotter than the original wax you used to fill the votives. After the candles have completely cooled again, they will slide out of the molds easily. Trim the wick to about ½ an inch from the top of the candle. For safety, you will want to use a votive holder that is an inch or two taller than the candle itself.

Votive candles add class and charm to any home or special occasion. They are fun and simple to make. You can add any color or scent to your votive candles to add a personal touch to them. Votive candles burn for a long time, making them a worth while candle to use. They also make excellent gifts. To make the process even less expensive, look for votive candle holders at thrift shops and yard sales. You can further personalise your votive candles by applying pretty ribbon with a hot glue gun around the rim of the votive candle holder.



Millions of people throughout the world have hobbies to help them relax after a long day of work. One hobby that has risen in popularity is candle making.

Candle making has become sort of an art form. Each person has their own ideas and designs for candles, and each candle has the potential of becoming a work of art, if only to its creator.

Candle making is not difficult, however if you are creating something that will become a focal point of a room, you want it to be …

candle making kits.candle hobby,make candles

Millions of people throughout the world have hobbies to help them relax after a long day of work. One hobby that has risen in popularity is candle making.

Candle making has become sort of an art form. Each person has their own ideas and designs for candles, and each candle has the potential of becoming a work of art, if only to its creator.

Candle making is not difficult, however if you are creating something that will become a focal point of a room, you want it to be perfect. The great thing about candle making is that if you make a mistake, you can melt the candle and start all over again.

Candle Making Kits Are Great

Candle making kits are great for first timers to introduce yourself to candle making. Candle making kits will show you the basic steps and techniques when you have the basic knowledge of how to make candles, you will be able to create candles that are stunning.

The first step in candle making is to protect your work surface from melted wax. Covering with newspaper or heavy plastic will insure that your workspace is kept clean.

You do not need elaborate tools to create wonderful candles. A roasting pan and a thermometer will work just as well as all of the fancy equipment that can be quite expensive.

Candle making kits can become a way to spend quality time with your children. However, it is very important that they are supervised at all times to avoid any accidents that may occur.

Safety First

Melting wax is relatively easy, however little fingers may try to test it. Make sure that you advise your children that although the melted wax may smell good, it is extremely hot and they could get serious injuries if they try to touch it.

Dyes and fragrances for candles are available at craft stores throughout the country. It is important that you add the dye slowly to the melted wax and wait for it to dissolve completely. Adding colors one at a time will allow you to determine which colors work with each other the best.

It is very important that you watch the wax very carefully when it is melting. If the heat is too high, it will burn the wax. If melting wax begins to smoke, remove it from the heat immediately, being very careful not to spill any on your skin. If this should happen, do not wipe it off. You could spread it cause more serious burns. Instead, run it under cold water until the wax hardens and it should fall right off.

Once you have poured your wax into your molds, it will need twentyfour hours or more to cool and harden completely. Once the candle has set up, it is time to decorate.

Add Personality To Your Candle Making

Choosing the right pattern for your candle is the most creative part of candle making. If you want to add a splash of color, try melting your favorite colored crayon for a vibrant look to your candle.

You can use just about anything from stencils to nonflammable beads to create works of art. You are limited only by your imagination.

If you choose to create scented candles, adding crushed herbs will give a pleasant scent that will last as long as the candle itself. Candle making kits come with complete instructions on how to create the perfect candle. They are easy to follow and can be used in any setting.


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Happy Holidays Beauties♡ Tis the season to start thinking what presents to buy and/or make. If you are a candle addict or on a budget, try making soy latte candles as a gift idea. The cost will be cheaper if you plan to make a lot. I made them as gifts last year and everyone loved the quality of it!

In this video, I showed how to make two candles. Overall, I made 12 candles in 8 ounce glass tumbler containers. I used 4.5 pounds of soy wax with 4.5 ounces of candle fragrance oils that cost $5.00 per candle as a gift. My total was $60 without tax. This does not include the tools expense that I already own like pyrex cup, microwave, popsicle sticks, tape, measuring spoon, and whisk.

DIY it,


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What you need:

Candle Making Soy Kit:

Soy Candle Wax
– 2 pounds for $12:
– I used 5 pounds for $16:
– 10 Pounds for $20:

Classic Glass Tumbler that are heat safe!!!!
– Any drinking glass that are heat safe from the dollar store or home decor like Walmart and Target.
– 2 Cups = 6 oz soy wax flakes
– 12 Pack 8 oz. for $10.99:

Candle Fragrance Oil:
– 1 ounce of fragrance oil makes 1 pound of candle wax
– 1 pound of soy candle flake wax = 2 cups of melted wax (16 fluid oz)
– Sampler Pack for $10 makes 4-6 Candles:
– Options to choose from:
– I used 8 oz. of fragrance oil for $15 to make (12) 4 oz candles in 8 oz cups with 3.5 oz left over:

Candle Wick 50 Pieces for $9:

Candle Dye Sample pack of 7 colors for $12:
Crayon Shavings:
– (USE WITH CAUTION. Using crayons to color can alter the burning duration and won’t be as effective to throw scent well compared to candle dye.)



Cuticle Trimmer:

Measuring Cut & Spoon Set:

Candle Making Melting Pot to use on a stove top:

Pyrex Measuring Cup:

Popsicle Sticks:



Coffee Ground:


Hot Glue Gun:

Hot Glue Sticks:

Plastic Straws:

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New to using AAk’s GW 464 soy candle wax? Here are our top tips for using this wax and getting the best results for your finished candles.

For more information on this wax and other candle making supplies please visit:

Find fragrance oils for this wax at


You can just imagine how candles give that amazing effect to your home, room or any close or even open place you light them out. Have you ever thought of scented candles for the added effect? They could be the best idea around. Candles would look lovelier and more stylish with them.

Besides that effect being brought by the candles you have at home, there could be more than that. You could have that aroma you want. You can have that relaxing and soothing effect. They could be given to you by scented candles.

Scented candles would surely bring a different ambience to any dull place. With the scent you want, you would surely feel the ease and the rare atmosphere they could define. They could also be that source of soothing and relieving aroma. Well, not just any candle could give that to you. When you are looking for the quality, style and elegance, you have some websites to guide you and let you choose the right.

Scented candles could remind you of the most beautiful things in life like the flowers, the scents of the food we love like cookies, fruits and spices. You could find that relaxing scent and they could even serve as your therapy whenever you feel stressed.

You could give it a try making your own candles too. You could play with the aromas you want and colors to meet what you want and what you need. You could start by mixing or testing small amounts of scent so that you will not have troubles if your candles would smell strong.

The following are the most recommended scents: lemon, lime or orange scents to enhance your energy, or vanilla, jasmine, rose and sandalwood scents for romance. Their scents may leave different effects as well. Explore these scents and explore the various effects that you would surely fall in love with.

As you become better in scented candle making, it could surely be a good business venture.

What do you think is missing in your candles? Well if it is not the colors and whatsoever factors they have, you may think about the scent. It could be very appealing to both the sight and the nose. You just do not know how much they could make you feel relaxed and at ease whenever you are stressed out. For the best ones, why not look for and light out and enjoy both sight and the scent.