Make shot glass candles for fun and profit


Shot glasses…

You could see these things in drinking places, poured with liquor being shared by fun-loving people. This is of course an instant when a single shot glass means a lot. Have you ever wondered about the other benefits of just a shot glass? Well, there is one exciting and very useful innovation with a shot glass, which is using them to make candles. Yes, we call hem shot glass candles.

Shot glass candles are really artistic and they could be very useful for the home and whatever place you think you would need them, not as mere light source but as well as having decorative purposes.

You could make our own shot glass candles. The steps to make are easy and economical. Out of these easy steps and with a small sum of money, you would be able to start a good hobby, a good small business and a good polish for our creativity. This is also a means of recycling or re-using old candles.

* Cut old candles into pieces and place these pieces in a container. When you want to use a certain color, you could use uncolored wax for your convenience. * Place the container into another container of boiling water. Wait until the candle pieces melt. * When you see that the wax has melted, his is the right time o put some dye for color. * Prepare your wicks. Cut them as they fit to the shot glasses. * Place these wicks to the shot glasses. * Pour the wax into the shot glasses but make sure that it does not submerge the entire length of the wick. * When the wax has nearly set, you see to it that you adjust the wick to the center of the shot glass. Leave the shot glasses in order for the wax to completely set.

These are so simple steps to follow, make sure also that when you choose shot glasses for candle making, and choose the thicker ones for they are much safer. For wicks, you could tie it around a toothpick before letting it lay in a shot glass. Remember to cut 1/4 of it before lighting it up.

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