How to Make Soy Candles| Diamond Candle Inspired| Monogram Necklace Giveaway Closed

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FTC: I did not get paid by to make this video. I had the idea of what I can make for holiday gifts with my monogram obsession.
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Video Description:
Learn how to make amazing soy candles and add a piece of jewelry as a gift idea. The diamond candle,, cost $25 per jar with the random probably of rings ranging from $10 to $5000 but It rare to get a nice ring. It cost under $10 to make the same large 21 ounce candle and add either affordable fun accessories or a must-have jewelry! I think adding a monogram necklace that are celebrity inspired or a jewelry your friends and family have been wanting will makes the surprise worth waiting.
– Candle Supplies can be found only at wholesale for cheap:
Peak Candles
Candle Science
Lone Star Candle
Nature’s and Garden
Bitter Creak

– You can find candle making supplies at craft stores like Hobby Lobby and AC Moore but it is 2 to 4 times expensive than online wholesalers.

Items used for this DIY:
– Candle Wick LX-22 $7 for 100 Wicks
– Small Ziploc Bag
– Baking/Cooking Aluminum Foil
– Golden Brand 464 Soy Wax $15 for 10 lb of wax to make 10 really huge candles or 20 regular size 8 oz candles
Soy Wax for $7 for 3 lbs
– Candle Dye $5.77 for 1 oz
– Candle Fragrance Oil In Love Spell VS cost depends on how many you will be making $5 to $40
Shop for other scents:
– 21 oz Status Candle Jar $16 for 12:
Status Jar Lid $9 for 12:
Shop for other Candle Jars:
– Popsicle Stick to mix
– Wooden Skewers but you can use wick holders or a clothes clip
– Pyrex Cup
– Measuring Scale
– Measuring Spoon
– Melting Pot
– Stove Top
– Water
– Hot Plate
– Cooking Thermometer
– Infrared Thermometer
– Clear Avery Labels

1 Pound Soy wax Candle Recipe with 9% Fragrance oil:
– Heat to 185 F to mix Fragrance Oil and Candle Dye together
– 16 oz or 8 Cups of Soy Wax
– 1.44 oz to 3 Tbsp of Candle Fragrance Oil
– Optional: Few Drops of Liquid Candle Dye
– Pour into heat safe containers at 100 to 125 F to prevent frosting, wet spots, or wax concaving appearance
– Cool for 24 Hours before Use