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Only a few people are interested in launching a candle fundraiser because few people know how to make candles. Candle making does not require a lot of money because the materials are not costly. If you wish to set up your own candle fundraiser activity, you will need some people to help you with the […]

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– CHECK OUT MY AMAZON INFLUENCERS PAGE – WATCH MY LATEST VIDEO HERE: – LIKE MY CHANNEL? CLICK HERE TO SHOW SOME LOVE! . ‘ How to make a basic pillar candle. This video will show you the simple step by step process to creating a basic pillar candle. From gathering supplies, to […]

401 Scented candles are the invention of our modern times, being used in aromatherapy and relaxation. To a certain extent, scented candles are the proof of the way necessity becomes a need for comfort over time. The first known candles appeared out of man’s need to keep light in the house, and later their usage […]

If you have children in your home, chances are you have an abundance of worn down crayons that don’t get used much anymore. Before throwing them out and buying new ones, consider using them to make candles. This can be a great way to turn them into something new and bright again. Most children will […]

301 Candles have never been so popular. Candles are now a must, whatever may be the occasion. You have aromatic candles, candles made up of beeswax, and paraffin. The candle industry is witnessing an unprecedented boom, thanks to the candle wholesalers for playing a large part of this phenomenal growth. Wholesalers, DVD Wholesalers, Candle Wholesalers, […]

Making candles is fun and relaxing. While it does give you the opportunity to be creative, there are some basic candle making steps you need to follow to make the process flow well. Nothing is more disappointing than discovering your candles didn’t form correctly. Safety is very important in candle making. Most people make candles […]

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The history of candles is very long, archaeologists say the first candles appeared 5000 years ago (3000 BC) in Egypt and Crete. The first candles were made from animal (sheep and cattle) fat. The torch was another variant of candle used especially for lighting bigger places, torches were usually used outdoors because of the smoke […]