Looking for a creative way to use up old bits of candles? Try melting them down to make new candles! We did just that for this project. I used leftover wax from a large three wick candle from Colonial Candles from Cape Cod. It had a lovely mild cinnamon scent. I melted down the pieces in a candle making pot. I used my smallest burner on the lowest setting, but even that’s too high. Keep on eye on your melting wax or try putting the whole pot into a pot of water where you can slowly warm the water to the right temperature.

Once the candle wax was melted, we positioned our wicks which were just cotton twine used in the kitchen, and poured a bit of wax in. If the wax isn’t too hot, it cools within minutes, and you can pour the rest of the wax in. If you don’t want to hold the wicks in position, you can wrap the twine around a popsicle stick and rest on top of the mold while you pour the wax in.

Wait until the wax is fully set and cooled to room temperature before popping them out of the mold. Using a silicon mold works brilliantly for this, plus you can get fabulous designs. If you wish to use a cookie cutter or make pillars in jars, you can release your candle from the mold by placing it into water for a few seconds to melt the outside of the wax so the candle slips out.

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The silicone mold we used is by Melting Pots.

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