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Candle Making | JK Arts :

Material required for candle making : :
Gel Wax :
Paraffin Wax For Candles :
Eyelet Hole Rivets :
Glass Cups :
Marbles Chip & Stone :
Glitter Sparkle Powder :

Click the link for Online Material purchase :

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Making soy candles is SO easy! You can do this!! These are inexpensive to make and are perfect homemade gifts, or just keep them all for yourself. I make these is 8oz mason jars, but you can use other containers like coffee mugs too.


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How to make Soy Tart Melts with Essential Depot Essential Oils and Peak Candles Soy Wax and Clam Shells. See me make Giggle Melts, Sinus Clearing Melts, Spirit Lifting Tarts, Floral Tarts and Citrus Tart Melts.
See me opening the box on my supplies i used to make these melts

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Candle sconces are an elegant way to have candles displayed on the walls of your home. If you use an interior decorator for any room, chances are he/she will recommend the use of sconces to hold the candles on the wall. Candle sconces can be made of wrought iron or you can have a brass sconce with a hurricane lamp. The plate of the candle sconces that screws to the wall can be made of metal, plastic or brass.

The plate of a candle sconce holds the candleholder or if you have tapered candles, you can have candles sconces that hold candelabras. There are a variety of styles available in wall sconces for candles and when you light the candles in them, they give the room a warm, inviting glow. Although you can use just about any kind of candles in sconces- votive, tealight, pillar or taper – your best bet is a dripless candle. Those made from paraffin or beeswax are best if you don’t want to spend time peeling candle wax off the floors and walls.

A brass wall candle sconce with a hurricane lamp holds a candle inside an old-fashioned lamp. This type of candle sconce will help you feel that your home is a cozy and safe haven, reminiscent of the days of the pioneers. On cold winter nights when the wind is whistling outside, you can relax with the glow of the candle reflecting off the wall. When you lose the power, you will still have light and you can feel safe with these candle sconces. The hurricane lamp style of sconce keeps the flame of the candle away from the wall and there is no danger of the candle tipping over.

Candle sconces come in a wide array of styles – gothic, traditional, art-deco and Victorian. You can choose a different set of wall sconces for each room and of course, you have to have a candle sconce along the wall of the stairway. This sets off the décor of the home. Although you may prefer the look of the brass wall candle sconce with hurricane for the entire house, you can choose different colors and scents to reflect your individual personality.

Traditional candle sconces were made from wrought iron and contained glass hurricane lamps. In addition to brass wall candle sconces, you can also have them made from Tiffany glass or plastic or you may prefer to have crystals dripping from them so that they look like mini chandeliers. You can also use imitation electric candles that operate on batteries if you don’t like the idea of using wax candles close to the wall.


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I get so many comments about how I make my own candles at home, so I filmed a video for you all! It is really easy once you get the hang of it, and it is SO much cheaper than buying your own all the time! 🙂

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What happens if you pour too fast or too slow with 464 soy wax?
I pour 464 soy wax really fast and really slow to see what the difference will be and not surprising, nothing happened. See the video for details.

If you have any questions please leave a comment or feel free to contact me at anytime. I am more than happy to help in any way that I can.

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The convenience of scented jar candles cannot be underestimated. The candle is enclosed in the jar so you don’t have to worry about wax dripping onto the table or your clothing. In addition, with a scented jar candle you don’t have to bother with buying a candleholder because the jar serves this purpose. Scented jar candles come in all scents and colors allowing you to color coordinate every room of your home. They are inexpensive and the perfect ways to get the aromatherapy candles that you want. The various scents serve different aromatherapy needs and with scented jar candles you can have one each for every need that you have.

You can buy inexpensive scented jar candles just about anywhere. However, the problem that you have with buying scented jar candles at the store is that it is impossible for one store to have all the different colors and scents. Therefore, the easiest way to get the specific scented jar candle is to search online for candle retailers and there are many of them to look through. You can even order your custom made aromatherapy jar candle in a specific color and scent and you will save money by ordering this way.

For aromatherapy, a jar candle offers you a wealth of different healing scents. Relax in the aroma of Patchouli that helps to calm frayed nerves at the end of the day. Other scented jar candles that will help you relax include lavender, jasmine, Ylang Ylang and geranium. If you want to have inexpensive scented jar candles to give you energy, aromatherapy scents that are beneficial include peppermint, basil, eucalyptus and rosemary. The scent from burning aromatherapy jar candles can also help you with indigestion. Just burn a scented jar candle with one of these scents to see how it can help you: Patchouli, Camphor, Eucalyptus or Lavender.

There are also healing properties from aromatherapy jar candles that will help ease your headache. Scented jar candles in fragrances such as peppermint, cedar and marjoram are good for headaches. You can even get inexpensive scented jar candles with properties that help you lose weight and with your love life. Choose a specific scented jar candle to include in a gift basket or buy a basket of several jar candles with all the same scent or a variety. This kind of gift is prefect for any occasion and for either male or female.

Scented jar candles are also easy to make at home. All you have to do is melt the wax, add the wick, color and scent and pour it into jars to set. When the candle burns out, the jars are great as holders for small objects that you need to keep. It is not advisable to reuse most jars to make more scented jar candles because the heat from burning the candle may weaken the glass.